Opening our gifts

Dear Friends,

Hope you are well today.  Today's topic is about opening our gifts and rejoicing in what we find.
It is safe to say most of us love receiving gifts.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Some of us enjoy wrapping gifts to give to others similar to Christmas or birthdays, or any other special occasion that comes to mind.  Most of us  place our gifts in a box,  or just about any bag it will fit it in.  
Let us pause for a moment and connect with the feeling of when you open and receive your gift.  Puts a smile on your face doesn’t it?  Especially if it is something you are hoping to receive.  Well let’s imagine ourselves inside that box, just waiting to be released, as a gift to this world.

We live in a day and age where there are countless opportunities to give and receive, share our ideologies and reap our success.  People, places and things inspire us.  When we look towards others to inspire us, we should also look within ourselves of how we can inspire others, and recognize what a gift we are to those around us.
Looking at a gift from the outside peaks our curiosity. Inside a box is the unknown because it is closed.  We are staring at an object that may have something we are hoping for.  The outcome is determined by opening this box.  As we get closer to unraveling our gift our anticipation grows. 
Imagine we are a gift.  We are eagerly waiting to place it in the hands of another.  But why are we hesitant to consider ourselves as gifts or unlock what is inside of us versus opening a gift that someone has given us? It is safe to state we each contain limiting beliefs about ourselves but must strive to find ways to shift our perspectives to recognize we each are gifted in our own way.  Each thought can generate very different perspectives, similar to the different sizes and packages of the gifts that are presented. 
Here are some phrases with a positive context “I am successful” “I love myself” “I am happy”.  Suppose I wrote these statements on a piece of paper, and placed them into a box and had each of you pick one statement.  How would you feel as you read your message? Is it a good feeling or a bad feeling? Does the message resonate with you? If not, write down why you do not feel so.

Now let’s take a look at adding different messages into this box.  “I am stupid”, “I will never succeed” “I’m not good enough”, now if I was to ask each of you to pick one of those statements again ask yourself how you would feel? I'm sure you wouldn't want to open another gift at that point.  Or pick another message. 
I encourage each and everyone one of you to “think about what is in your box” as your potential to succeed and unleash the gift the world is waiting for.

Much love,
Amanda Jayashree


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